510 – One of the most famous electronic cigarette connections in the past 7 years

Adapter – Available for various different types of e-cigarette battery, this allows the user to fit any kind of atomizer on to any kind of battery, depending on the adapter of course.

Atomizer – An electronic device. This part either fits onto the e cigarette or is built in to a cartridge. It is the part which the current from the battery passes through, generating heat and producing vapour.

Battery – This is the large end piece of the electronic cigarette that is used to power the device. It sends a current through the atomizer (atty) thus producing heat which turns the e liquid into vapour

Cartridge – Container for e liquid that attaches to the atomizer

Cart – Abbreviation of cartridge

Cartomizer – This is the same as a cartridge only the atomizer is built in. Usually disposable but can be refilled on some models.

Charger – A battery charger that is used to recharge your electronic cigarette. Usually a USB

Clearomizer – A transparent tank cartridge that has an atomizer built in. Bigger than cartomizers, they hold more e liquid and last a lot longer. The parts that make up a clearomizer can be replaced.

Clearo – Abbreviation of clearomizer

Drip Tip – This small mouthpiece accessory attaches to the end of an atomizer. These are generally used for 2 purposes; for dripping e liquid directly onto the atomizer (due to the larger opening this is made possible) and on the end of a clearomizer or cartomizer for comfort and looks.

Dripping – When a user drips e liquid directly onto the atomizer without using any filler material such as cotton found inside cartomizers. They believe this produces the best vapour performance.

ECig – Abbreviation of Electronic Cigarette

ECigarette – Abbreviation of Electronic Cigarette

ELiquid – A water based nicotine solution containing flavouring and either/or both Propelyne Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine

E-juice – Abbreviation of e liquid

eGo – Along with the 510, this is probably the most popular e cigarette model of all time

Filler Material – This is the material that is found inside the cartomizer or cartridge that absorbes e liquid to be heated by the atomizer.  usually made from cotton or polyfill.

Filler – Abbreviation of Filler material

Leaking – This happens when the user fills the tank or clearomizer with too much e liquid. The juice can leak onto the battery, shorting the device and potentially ruining your electronic cigarette.

LED – Abbreviation of Lght Emitting Diode

Light Emitting Diode – The small glowing tip of the electronic cigarette

LR – Abbreviation of Low Resistance

mAh – Abbreviation of Milliamps

Mg – Abbreviation of Milligrams

Milligrams – The level of nicotine per ml of e liquid. The higher the mg rating of e liquid, the more nicotine content and the stronger it is.

Ml – Abbreviation of Millilitres

Millilitres – The measurement used to define how much e liquid is in any given container. For example, The Innokin 510 Tank cartridges hold 0.6ml of e liquid and our e liquid bottles hold 10ml.

Milliamps – the amount of power a battery can store. Higher milliamps rating means longer battery life. Smaller batteries tend to have lower milliamps rating (190mAh) and larger batteries have higher ratings (650mAh).

Mini – usually a starter kit, this is the name given to a small e cigarette, closer to the actual size of a normal tobacco cigarette

Modifications – accessories that you use with your electronic cigarette that increase the performance or looks.

Mod – Abbreviation of modification

Passthrough – Allows the user to attach the e cigarette device to a USB or computer while he or she is still using it

PCC – Abbreviation of Portable charging case

PG – Abbreviation of Propelyne Glycol

Portable Charging Case – An e cigarette case that the user can carry their ecig inside while it charges the ecig battery. Also stores cartomizers.

Propelyne Glycol – One of the most common ingredients of e liquid. Sometimes but not commonly causes an alergic reaction. Effects are less vapour production but increased flavour and throat hit

PV – Abbreviation of Personal Vapourizer

TH – Abbreviation of Throat Hit

Throat Hit – The burning or tickling feeling a user gets in their throat when smoking nicotine. The more nicotine content the stronger the throat hit

Vape – The act of using an e cigarette

Vegetable Glyerin – Another common ingredient of e liquid. While it can, and is commonly used with propelyne glycol, users who have an alergic reaction to propelyne glycol must use a purely vegetable glycerin based e liquid. Effects are increased vapour production but less flavour and throat hit

VG – Abbreviation of Vegetable Glycol

Voltage – Output measurement of an e cigarette battery. Higher voltage means more power delivered to the atomizer device and an increase in heat. Typical Voltage of an e cigarette kit is 3.4V but some kits have the ability to adjust the voltage, like the Innokin iTaste Express and Innokin iTaste MVP. Allows the user more control over his/her vaping experience

Wick – a string-like element found inside clearomizers. Allows juice to more easily reach the heating element inside